There is no one specific definition of a life coach. Their service and focus can vary depending on their clients’ individual goals. But if you were to define it, it would sound something like this: A life coach is a trained professional whose job it is to help you decide what your goals are and then to create an actionable plan to surpass them.

Coaches will usually work on productivity in professional, personal or business situations. Besides, a coach can also be qualified to coach as a direct result of years of experience within an area of expertise. Many find it helpful to have a coach with knowledge of their industry to ensure a better understanding of the issues they are facing. Furthermore, life coaches can be motivational speakers, consultants, devil’s advocates that work with their clients objectively. However, the list of the roles they play extends far past that. Coaches are hired more and more frequently to help people with life/career change, personal goals and self-development. So what is a life coach? In short, a life coach is a professional who sets you on the track that leads you to your best self in work, life, and most commonly, both.

What happens in a life coaching session?

Coaching is a creative partnership between a coach and client. Although sessions vary due to the client’s goals and the coach’s approach, usually a structured format is adhered to. The following is a loose chronological example of how a coach may work with you:

  • Establishing a coaching relationship of transparency, honesty and often vulnerability between both parties.
  • The client’s goals are established and defined.
  • The coach designs a custom plan for exceeding the defined goals based on the findings of the initial session, followed by any other revelations throughout the coaching. The plan is custom to the client’s personality and objectives. The coach encourages the client to adhere to this tailored plan.
  • A coach adopts their skills and expertise specifically to help their clients reach their goals.
  • The coach continues to inspire and motivate the client on their journey of self-discovery and growth.
  • The life coach nurtures client accountability to increase productivity.

Sessions may vary depending on the coach, the medium of communication, their methods, and how many sessions you’ve received. Above all, a coach will adjust their methods in this dynamic relationship. This allows a coach to thoroughly understand where a client is coming from and where they want to be.


Best Life Coach in India may ask you:

  • What gets you up in the morning and drives you?
  • What do you want to achieve from your goals?
  • When do you feel most productive?
  • What negative thoughts do you have in work?
  • What truly makes you happy?


Stimulating and challenging questions are often asked by the coach so that a client can see their situation from an alternative perspective. This usually is the inaugural stage that seeds motivation and incentive in the client. Most importantly, the questions asked are designed by the coach to get the client thinking outside the box and to create their answers to achieve their goals.

Each step your coach guides you on will be relevant to achieving your end goals. And you never know what other goals you might achieve along the way. It will all have a positive, domino effect on the things you do in life, in work or both.

Depending on your progress, a coach may adjust or tweak your plan for efficiency in achieving your goals. But the most important thing is that you are willing to be open and honest with yourself and your coach. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding to open up and highlight what’s not working for you. And that’s ok. We’re only human, after all.

Once a client is open and willing to make a change in their lives, a life coach can help them achieve so much more. So let’s talk about what a life coach will and won’t cover with you throughout your sessions.

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